Friday, 9 July 2010


Swimming Lessons is a black and white photocopied zine created by Grace Miceli and Phoebe Harris in Spring 2009.

Issue 5 is complete, send us an email if you would like one. Issue 6 info coming soon.

Email submissions/questions to

Donations are welcome.

Grace Miceli
Phoebe Harris
Lauren Panichelli
Marlon Rabenreither
Ciaran Wood
Rob Felix
Taylor Anderson
Carlos Laszlo
Joanna Raynes
Halie Theoharides
Juan Antonio-Olivares
Genna Moss
Sam Ledger
Kate Burch
Megan Mjaatvedt
Lucy Wilson
Trevor Powers
Josh Schneider
Anna Daniszewski
Jesse Stecklow
Kaila Guilmet
Mariann Colonna
Christine Vispoli
Isadora Kagan
Jinji Zhang
& more

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